Operational Leasing

Here at Hertz Trucks, we consider ourselves as the experts of commercial vehicle rentals. Not only because we have dealt with numerous national projects, but also because we guarantee to provide the vehicles you need. Whether you operate small or large projects, if you cannot find the specific vehicles you're after on our website, don’t worry! We might not have "one of those" up there being advertised, it is because we will build it specially for you to suit what you need. Our team at Hertz Trucks consist of highly experience consultants that will help you build or customise your spec’d vehicles for your long-term hire plan; and here we call it Hertz Commercial Leasing.

What benefits you get from Hertz Commercial Leasing?

  • Flexible plans that range from 12 months to 5 year contracts with an option to purchase the vehicle at the conclusion of the lease in NSW, Victoria, and South Australia
  • Competitive off-balance sheet funding with no set up costs or documentation fees

  • The elimination of residual risk on the final disposal of the asset

  • Low maintenance costs through our full maintenance contracts

  • Fixed monthly rental which makes accounting and budgeting easier

  • Minimal deposit requirements which allow you to invest funds back into your business

What is included on the leasing package?

  • 24 hour emergency service

  • Nationwide servicing network

  • Relief vehicle facilities

  • Lease extension

  • Terms to suit individual needs

  • Detailed reporting

  • No CTP insurance and vehicle registration renewal

Our team always makes sure that we understand your requirements and provide you with the best solutions. Our fleet are known for its high maintained quality; we always ensure all our vehicles are conformed to Hertz standard maintenance and detailing. Leasing is a more cost efficient option than renting; a longer-term contract allows us to drive costs down and provide you a competitive fixed cost every month within the proposed period. Hertz Trucks locations are widely spread throughout Australia, it means that we are convenient for anyone, anywhere. Call or email our team members to discuss your requirements and we’ll be in touch shortly.

For the most up-to-date information on Hertz Trucks commercial leasing, call one of our area managers:

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