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Move House Yourself With a Hire Truck

Moving House with Hertz Trucks: 10 Useful Moving Tips For Our Valued Customers

We all agree that moving is an expensive exercise and it's a big day. At Hertz Trucks, we are here to help your move less stressful. We are not going to go through Moving House 101, instead we’ve compiled 10 moving suggestions only for you.

  1. Start with a plan and a list of what necessities you need in your new place (e.g. bed, microwave, fridge, and toilet rolls). Start packing early and it’s a good time to do some goods and wardrobe cleaning. Lifeline or Vinnies are great places to give them away, or you can list them on Gumtree or eBay a few weeks in advance of moving. Do an inventory of your goods while you’re at it, as you might discover that old cricket bat you used when you were 10 somewhere in your garage.

  2. Moving with your furry friend? Get a proper carriage for them to stay in while you move. Pets are likely to get stressed in new environments. Keep your cat inside for few days to let it get used to the new smell of the house. Don’t forget to check the fences at your new place to make sure your dog doesn’t dig out of the yard. Dogs are curious creatures, use this chance to discover dog parks around your area.

  3. Stay organised by labelling all the boxes you used based on the room it belongs in with all the contents. It will make the move much easier as you know which box belongs where. Use coloured tape to mark heavy or fragile boxes and keep track by putting a number on each box to avoid losing one.

  4. Pack a survival kit; this will include whatever you need to use on the day you move (e.g. your own toiletries, towel, few clothes to change, etc.); and do some staples shopping before you moved in. We also recommend to pre-clean the new house before you moved in.

  5. Packing suggestions: utilise suitcases and containers you already own. Get reusable large plastic containers at places like Bunnings instead of cardboard boxes. Wrap your breakable items with the clothes you already have (e.g. socks, towels, linen, blankets, etc.) to keep it safe. Use newspaper instead of bubble wrap for a less expensive and recyclable option. But don’t leave it too long as the ink may be transferred to your goods. Also, stack your plates side to side just like in a dish washer, as it’s less likely to break.

  6. Arrange utility connections about 2 weeks before your moving day. Make sure you arrange electricity, internet and other connections prior to moving day; and arrange termination to any account you will no longer need. See this checklist to make sure you don’t forget to update your address to these relevant organisation or accounts. Organise change of address to your local roads and transportation centre.

  7. Make a list, check. Start packing, check, Sell the unused goods, check. Utility connections, check. Now you’ve started, you see how many items you’re going to bring and you can decide on what moving vehicle you’ll need; so, this is the time to book it. Hertz Trucks offers various moving vehicles for you to rent. Keep an eye on our Specials pages to see current offers available.

  8. Moving is a real-life game of Tetris; load one entire section at a time before moving to the next. Secure your important items in your car and leave the bigger items in the truck. Load large and heavy items on bottom then stack smaller items and boxes on the top of it. Place mattresses, sofas and tables on their sides against the wall; and tie mirrors and picture frames to the truck walls or place them between mattresses. We offer moving packs for you to add on your rental; it includes blankets, ropes and a trolley.

  9. Safe driving with Hertz. Most of our trucks have hydraulic lifts installed. Your Hertz representative will demonstrate how to use it on your pickup day.Please watch out overhead! As trucks are significantly taller than cars, note clearance signs at bridges and overpasses. It is safe to take turns slower and avoid abrupt manoeuvres; never follow too close as the vehicle needs more braking distance. Trucks take longer to accelerate, allow more time and room when pulling into traffic.

  10. Relax and grab yourself a cuppa as you have now done the hard part prior to your move. One last thing to remember, don’t forget to defrost and dry the fridge prior the moving day to avoid the liquid leaking to your other goods when you move.

We hope these tips will help your moving process. Most of our locations open early in the morning and on the weekend. Ask our team for Moving Specials and Moving Packs available. We wish you the best luck!

Signing off,

Hertz Trucks Team